This story took place when I went surfing with my old friend Robert for the first time in a long time. Early in the morning,
we arrived at the surf spot we had had our eye on and got out of the car.
At dawn, we were staring out at the sea from a hill that was a short walk from the car to check the waves.
I suppose the size of waves was from the whitewater to about head high.
The break was not bad.
The wind was a bit offshore.
The sea was glassy. It was perfect conditions. Of course, nobody was out!
We got back to the car in a hurry and put on our wet suits. We ran down the stairs to the beach as we waxed our surf boards and we paddled out.
It was not until that time that it started to become light. We were absorbed in sharing the waves between just the two of us.
About two hours later, when the locals were about to gather at the lineup, we made eye contact with each other and brought our surf session to an end.
After returning to the car and changing our clothes, the conversation about our private session picked up.
While talking to Robert, I looked at the hat which he happened to be wearing. And then, Robert began to speak.
Several years ago, Robert was working as a lawyer but hoped for a release from his daily life, so he went on a trip by himself.
He impulsively chose France as his destination. Tom Curren, whom he respected, also lived there.
At a beach, he became acquainted with a local surfer. They had a conversation in shaky English and French. Then, he realized a few hours had already passed.
After that, Robert hung out with him for a few days and he guided Robert to good surf spots. Time passed so quickly. On the last day of the trip,
before leaving and while saying “Good Luck!” in a French accent, the local surfer gave Robert the hat which he had been wearing.
The hat, which was somehow cool, became vital to Robert. Since then, for Robert, the hat has signaled a change from work to sea.
I guess his lifestyle changed that hat into something more.


We established our brand that mixes street, music and active sports styles in 2003.
“Clef” means “key” in French. We named it with hopes that our products will be beneficial and key in any situation.
Our concept focuses on shape, comfort, material, color and detail. We concentrate on the color and texture of
our products and are especially particular about the comfort and shape.
We strive to make hats with a purpose so they do not cause any stress even if worn every day.
As for product features, we focus on reversible hats with the combination of different materials
which are cool and popular or which have subtle and flashy colors. For functionality,
most of our products use the absorbent, quick-drying COOLEVER material to prevent sweat from adhering to the forehead.
A wire is inserted into the brim of each hat, so you can freely arrange the style.
We hope our products will be signals of change from work to play or indoor to outdoor activities
for any lifestyle by simply putting them on.

もちろんNobody Out! 慌てて車に戻り、ウエットスーツに袖を通してワックスアップしながらビーチまでの階段を駆け下り、パドルアウト…..。
車に戻り、着替え終わったあと、今日の2人だけのセッションの話で盛り上がった。 Robertと話していて何気にかぶっている帽子に目をやっていたんだろう。
別れ際「Good Luck !」とフランスなまりで手渡されたのが、彼のかぶっていた帽子。



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